Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering Sept 11th

I remember Sept. 11, 2001 like it was yesterday as I am sure many do and always will. Although I didn't lose anyone that I personally knew in the tragedies I did lose my best friend just a few short months later. I remember her coming over to my house (she lived only 2 doors down) and asking if I had seen the news. I of course was on the computer and had not. It only took one instant to have so may things taken from us. We lost not only many lives that day but America as a country lost some of it's innocence, our belief that we were such a strong country that no one would ever dare attack us here on our own soil. I remember sitting with my friend shedding countless tears for our country, for fallen hero's and a way of life we new would never be the same.
A few short months later I was shedding more tears of sorrow for my loss of a good friend I knew I could not replace and would not see for a long time. A woman who was practically a second mother to my son, who called her Aunt Hen. SO though I did not directly lose someone in the 9/11 tragedy some how for me they always will be connected. I spend the day remembering how many lost their lives so needlessly that day and how many hero's we lost. I also spend the day remembering an irreplaceable friend.
I miss you Hen!